Weight Loss Program

We have seen life-changing results in our patient population regarding weight loss and we want to share the program with everyone who wants to shed some weight and keep it off! This 12 week program will include a video every week from Dr. Ramsey answering questions and sustaining motivation among the community. Unfortunately, many of our patients learn the hard way that fad diets and weight loss gimmicks are an expensive and ineffective waste of time. Too often results are temporary and they eventually regain the weight they worked so hard to lose. Age and lifestyle factors as well as genetics may cause someone to be predisposed to being overweight. Here at Revitalize Functional Medicine, our team looks at a variety of factors that are contributing to your weight gain in order to develop a holistic, effective plan that helps you achieve and maintain an ideal weight for you.

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“Lose it for Life”

The weight loss program we offer is designed to break the patterns that put us into our current health. We discuss briefly what optimal nutrition is, then we dive into our personal emotional patterns that we are not aware of until we discover our subconscious mind. It’s a gentle technique that has helped people lose anywhere from 8 to 30 pounds in 90 days. The most important thing is keeping the weight off and not having to go on a diet again.

There are 2 tiers. The first contains a few supplements that we are all deficient in. Being deficient in any of the essential vitamins will make it harder to shed weight.  The second tier is optional with added support to help you lose weight more efficiently. These add-ons work well for faster weight loss. Some people choose to stay on the add-ons and others choose to go off at the end of 90 days. There is no right or wrong with this.

We are happy to share that we offer our weight loss program 3 times per year and it’s for anyone, not just for our patients.

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