Nutrition & Supplement Counseling

The Revitalize Functional Medicine team believes that food is our first medicine! That is why a nutritious diet is so critical to health and well being. We offer personalized counseling to help patients identify and implement a plan for optimal nutrition that is unique to their goals and needs. Dr. Ramsey’s comprehensive, results-oriented approach aims to reverse adverse symptoms or issues by addressing them with a 100% “all in” reset diet followed by an effective 80/20 nutritional maintenance plan. The ultimate goal is to get you on the right track so you feel your health is actually getting better with age

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Our Nutrition & Supplemental Counseling program includes:

  • Nutrient Testing to isolate specific nutrient deficiencies
  • Food Allergy Testing to pinpoint irritants and underlying causes of inflammation
  • Safe and effective Rapid Weight Loss program to help you keep the weight off
  • Nutritional Plan Guidance to help you select and get started on the right program for you (Paleo, Vegetarian, Intermittent Fasting, etc.)
  • Comprehensive blood work/nutrient panel
  • Assessment to determine which natural supplements are appropriate for your needs

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