Homeopathy, an alternative approach to medical care, can treat your condition while boosting your immunity and your overall well-being. At Revitalize Functional Medicine in Paradise Valley, Arizona, functional medicine specialist Theresa Ramsey, NMD, and her team can provide natural homeopathic remedies instead of pharmaceuticals and invasive treatments. To find out how homeopathic medicine can improve your condition, book a consultation by phone or online at Revitalize Functional Medicine today.

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Homeopathy Q & A

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a revolutionary approach to medicine that uses natural medicines and remedies to treat both acute and chronic illnesses. Homeopathic medicine approaches take advantage of your body’s own healing capabilities and aim to train your body to heal itself more effectively.

With homeopathic medicine at Revitalize Functional Medicine, you can reduce or eliminate your dependence on chemical substances and invasive treatments. Homeopathic treatments don’t rely on chemicals or Western medicine treatment techniques. Instead, they use all-natural substances that are highly unlikely to cause any adverse reactions or side effects. Homeopathic treatments generally include natural substances like vegetables, minerals, and even insects.

During a consultation, the specialists at Revitalize Functional Medicine take a full evaluation of your current state of well-being, including your mind and body, and the condition you want to address. Then, they create an individualized homeopathic treatment for you.

What are the main principles of homeopathy?

Homeopathic medicine is based on three main principles that can help you better understand your treatment. They are:

Like cures like

In homeopathy, your specialist takes note of any symptoms or disturbances you’re experiencing and uses them to select a treatment. Treatments that produce similar symptoms are thought to help accelerate healing.

Minimum dose

Homeopathic remedies rely on very small doses for as few side effects as possible. To prepare your homeopathic medicine for ingestion, the specialists dilute the substance to the point that there is hardly any detectable.

Single remedy

Your specialist prescribes just one homeopathic remedy to you at a time. This provides a clear picture of the effects of the singular remedy.

Who can benefit from homeopathy?

Homeopathic treatments are available for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. Treatments are highly personalized, so the specialists at Revitalize Functional Medicine consider many aspects of your wellness while creating your treatment. Homeopathy is especially beneficial for people:

  • With a low tolerance for chemicals
  • With cold and flu-like symptoms
  • With allergies
  • With autoimmune diseases
  • Who prefer natural treatments

There is more than one possible homeopathic remedy for each health condition or complication. If one doesn’t produce the effects you want, your specialist can find another remedy for you to try. The treatments can also help you build your immunity to reduce your chances of poor health in the future.

To find out more about homeopathy and how this alternative approach can ease your symptoms, call Revitalize Functional Medicine, or request an appointment online today.

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