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If you’re dissatisfied with conventional medicine and wish to avoid drugs or chemicals as much as possible, Functional Medicine could be the right solution for your healthcare needs.
Functional Medicine aims to improve whole-body health and enhance overall well-being through integrative, holistic treatments that address the underlying cause of disease and discomfort instead of just managing symptoms with medications.
Dr. Theresa Ramsey, NMD, and the caring team at Revitalize Functional Medicine in Paradise Valley, Arizona, proudly offer a comprehensive array of Functional Medicine services, including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, IV Therapies, Regenerative Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling and much more.

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“The body is inherently full of vitality, yet sometimes our genetics express weaknesses. Sometimes we don’t realize that certain foods are causing uncomfortable symptoms. Perhaps we have a great deal of stress on our plate and it tips our body’s scale towards “dis”-“ease.” We offer the support and tools to help bring your body, mind, spirit back into balance.”

Dr. Theresa Ramsey, NMD

Are there different types of functional medicine?

At Revitalize Functional Medicine, Dr. Ramsey and the team offer a wide range of functional medicine treatments, including:

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

Food is our first medicine!  However, each of us is unique and we aim to determine the optimum nutrition for each individual using principles and elements of The Blood Type Diet, Paleo, Vegetarian, Intermittent Fasting, etc.  First we run nutrient testing to see if you are deficient in any essential nutrients.  We also do Food Allergy Testing to see what might be causing inflammation. For those seeking to slim down, we offer a Rapid Weight Loss Program that is designed to help you achieve your goals efficiently and prevent you from regaining weight for the long term.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is the art of replacing hormones our body no longer produces abundantly as we age. Think of our hormones as batteries, if we don’t replace them as we age we are at an increased risk for age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis and Cancer.  Bioidentical hormones replenish effectively by replacing hormones in the same form your body produced in your prime.  This is the best way to feel and function your best while preventing age-related-diseases from expressing themselves in your body.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy exposes your body to compressed pure 100% oxygen. To put this into perspective, consider that the air around us is typically only 21% oxygen. The oxygen-rich environment of our hyperbaric oxygen chamber encourages the release of stem cells and growth factors throughout your body, amplifying and expediting the body’s natural healing process.  We consistently see skin issues improve quickly and injuries heal faster, especially head injuries since oxygen is an essential to cellular repair. Also, cancer, mold and other infections cannot live in oxygen-rich environments.  Ask us about how some patients use HBOT as preventive maintenance for increased energy and anti-aging purposes, and others use it for acute conditions like recovery from surgery or injury, and much more.

IV Therapy

IV Therapy makes it possible to give the body high doses of nutrients you might normally ingest orally.  However, rather than digesting and absorbing nutrients from food and supplements, with IV Therapy nutrients go into your bloodstream and can be utilized more quickly by your cells. Dramatic changes in cell functioning occur with highly concentrated nutrients that don’t have to be digested.

We administer high-nutrient IV Therapy to patients who have either acute or chronic symptoms as well as those who are seeking to proactively detox, bring down inflammation, and support anti-aging goals.  We provide a wide variety of IVs based on an individual’s symptoms or goals, including Meyer’s Cocktail, Ozone, Chelation, NAD BR+.  B12 and Glutathione shots are also very complementary to IV therapy and can be easily administered at the same time.

Addiction NAD BR+

If you’re struggling with addiction, NAD BR+ IV therapy provides a highly successful, safe, treatment in just 8 days, without using other drugs that have strong undesirable side effects.  NAD BR+ manages withdrawal symptoms with no cravings by the end of treatment, making the recovery process significantly easier.

Brain Restoration NAD BR+

If you’ve struggled with head injuries, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease, NAD BR+ may help you to begin your healing process. In some cases, these conditions are actually reversible. The outcomes are determined by each individual patient’s genetics and overall health and wellbeing, but it’s exciting for us to see the many remarkable successes that result from this innovative treatment.


If you suffer from chronic pain, but don’t want to take a prescription painkiller or undergo invasive orthopedic surgery, prolotherapy may be for you.  This brilliant therapy uses nutrient-induced-inflammation to encourage the body to amplify its own innate healing abilities. Nutrients are injected into a joint or injury site to create an intentional inflammatory response in which the body sends remediating cells to the area to more efficiently and effectively heal the injury.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) & Stem Cell Injections

If Prolotherapy is not enough for you (based on your imaging or your discomfort), we offer deeper healing injections like Platelet Rich Plasma which comes from your blood. After spinning your blood there is “liquid gold” or PRP, on top that is used to inject your own healing growth factors for joints, hair restoration, vaginal rejuvenation or male enhancement. There are times when Stem Cells are needed as well.  The type of injection is determined by your injury.

Lab Testing

Our lab is staffed with wonderful, caring, highly-experienced nurses who draw general labs as well as specialty labs. Specialty labs might include saliva cortisol testing, food allergy testing and genetic testing. In addition to testing, we provide IV Therapy in the comfort of our own lab where patients can rest and put their feet up while they heal.

Medical Marijuana Cards (MMJ)

Medical Marijuana therapies utilize cannabis-based products, including edibles, salves, and the flower itself, to minimize symptoms associated with an array of health problems, such as chronic pain, cancer, seizures and glaucoma. Here at Revitalize Functional Medicine we can help determine if you are a candidate for Medical Marijuana.


Traditional Chinese Medicine often incorporates acupuncture as a powerful tool for healing. Acupuncture can be used to address both acute and chronic conditions by encouraging balance within your body’s Qi – or energy flow. Treatments are very gentle and take place in a relaxing atmosphere with our acupuncture specialist.  Patients experience stress reduction, relief from pain, inflammation, fatigue, or insomnia, etc.

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