NAD Therapy

If you’re one of the more than 21 million Americans struggling with addiction, consider addiction NAD. This safe, effective treatment has a proven track record of success and may help ease cravings and improve your quality of life. At Revitalize Functional Medicine in Paradise Valley, Arizona, Theresa Ramsey, NMD, and the caring team of functional medicine providers regularly use addiction NAD to help men and women struggling with opioid addiction. To request your appointment today, call the office or use the online scheduling tool.

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NAD Therapy Q & A

What is NAD?

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a naturally occurring coenzyme of niacin (B3) that circulates throughout our bodies.  Within each cell we have batteries called the Mitochondria. NAD is the cofactor, or fuel, that our mitochondria use to work effectively. When NAD levels are increased through an IV infusion, each cell turns over more rapidly, detoxifying our system, breaking chemical dependencies, treating post covid syndrome, and enhancing our energy, mood, and resilience.  It is the ONLY thing I’ve seen to reverse post covid syndrome.  If our NAD levels drop to zero, during chronic or acute illness, we die within 30 seconds.

What are some of the key benefits of NAD Therapy?

While NAD is a groundbreaking treatment approach, studies indicate that it is a safe and highly effective detox and addiction recovery treatment. NAD has been proven to help those battling alcohol, opiate and other addictions recover quickly while reducing the chance of relapse. Our goal is to help you recover from addictions comfortably, safely and with lasting success. There are no contraindications to NAD IV as it is the natural to the body. Low levels are risky, high levels bring vibrant health.

NAD therapy presents an array of benefits, including:

  • Regenerates cells, glands, and organs
  • Fights chronic fatigue
  • Increases energy
  • Treats addiction in 8 days without the need for other medications
    • Reduced withdrawal symptoms
    • Fewer cravings
    • Increased energy and focus
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Slows aging
  • Slows cognitive decline
  • Promotes healthy brain function
  • Facilitates brain regeneration
  • Boosts memory

NAD therapy also flushes all of the drugs and other toxic substances from your system, improving your health and mental clarity.

Why should I seek NAD Therapy over conventional rehab?

Choosing the right facility and approach is essential to your recovery success. Revitalize Functional Medicine is one of the few medical practices in the Phoenix metropolitan area specially trained to offer NAD therapy.  We offer a comfortable, discreet environment where you and your loved ones can experience a gentle but expedited recovery and always rest assured that you will receive compassionate support along the way.

After NAD you will experience thorough detoxification of your body and brain.

How does NAD work?

NAD IV therapy, administers small doses of NAD directly into your bloodstream.  This is the strongest and most direct way to reduce inflammation in the body. NAD travels directly to your brain or other areas of inflammation that build up in the body. Once NAD enters your body, it provides a rush of energy to the cells to heal, first by reducing inflammation and second by giving the essential energy needed that each cell required to do its job.  Many patients feel an enhanced mood, and improved awareness, improved energy and reduction of inflammation that is at the core of every illness. Ultimately, this process reduces cravings and helps you achieve sobriety.

We know that NAD is our natural energy and when it drops, we get sick and stay sick. When we give NAD the cells and organs respond very quickly, releasing inflammation and patterns of behavior.  It’s as natural as breathing and is the strongest anti-inflammatory IV that we have as our cells do what they are supposed to do with high levels of NAD, even under stress or during illness.

Am I a good candidate for NAD Therapy?

Only a qualified medical provider like Dr. Ramsey and the team at Revitalize Functional Medicine can determine if you’re a good candidate for NAD therapy.

Following a physical exam, review of your medical history, and a discussion of your goals for treatment, the team can develop a custom care plan that aligns with your individual needs. That said, if you’re struggling with addiction and traditional treatments haven’t helped, you’ll likely benefit.

How many NAD Therapy sessions will I need?

The answer to this depends on how you present and what your goals are. For example, our post covid patients require 1-2 IVs only. If you are using NAD for energy, you may need 1 per week until your energy is locked in. If you are using NAD for addiction or reversal of MS, Alzheimer’s, or MS it is an 8-day program. If you are using as a preventive measure 1 per month may be enough. If you are doing NAD for arthritis you may need up to 3 per month. It all depends on you and your goals.

What can I expect during my NAD Therapy session?

As infusions are administered via IV, you can relax, read, work on your laptop, watch movies, eat, sleep – whatever makes you comfortable while your health is restored!  If the IV goes quickly you will feel your cells kicking out inflammation and it feels weird! If you go slow you won’t have to feel these sensations. The most important thing is that you know that NAD will never hurt anyone as it is essential for life. After your IV these symptoms will immediately go away. You will feel the effects in the body part that is most inflamed and you are in charge of how fast it goes.

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