Kenneth B. Mitchell, NMD, RPH

Lyme Disease Specialist & Environmental Medicine Specialist located in Paradise Valley, AZ

Meet Dr. Mitchell

Naturopathic physician and registered pharmacist Kenneth Mitchell, NMD, RPH, brings more than three decades of experience in functional medicine and holistic health care to Revitalize Functional Medicine serving men and women in Paradise Valley, Arizona, and throughout Maricopa County.

Dr. Mitchell began his career as a pharmacist. Over the course of his 24 years in the field, he realized that many prescription drugs were ultimately harmful to patients. Instead of treating ailments, they suppressed symptoms, allowing the underlying cause of illness to remain untreated.

With this epiphany, Dr. Mitchell decided to pursue a career in medicine. He subsequently enrolled at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, where he obtained his Naturopathic Doctor of Medicine.

During his time in Tempe, Dr. Mitchell trained under renowned environmental medicine and autism specialists Walter Crinnion, ND, Jessica Tran, ND, William Rea, MD, and Elizabeth Mumper, MD. This training allowed Dr. Mitchell to establish his own treatment protocol to assist patients with autism.

Professionally, Dr. Mitchell has a special interest in endocrine, immune, and neurological disorders. He also specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), chronic inflammatory disease, chronic infectious disease, autoimmune disorders, and Lyme disease treatment.

Dr. Mitchell is a compassionate listener who enjoys working to improve his patients’ quality of life. He uses various therapeutic tools and blends naturopathic and conventional treatments to help them live happy, healthy lives.

Dr. Mitchell welcomes any man or woman seeking improved health and vitality to Revitalize Functional Medicine today.